Dog and owner rescued from roof of public bathroom in Australia


Emergency responders in Australia came to the rescue of a German shepherd that became stuck on the roof of a public bathroom — and its owner became trapped trying to rescue it.

Police and New South Wales Fire & Rescue personnel responded Thursday night when a German shepherd found its way to the roof of a public restroom block in Sydney’s Central Business District.

Rescuers said the dog’s owner had attempted to mount her own rescue and climbed onto the roof, but found she was also unable to get back down.

The responders constructed an impromptu ramp for the dog to descend, and the owner was then brought down via ladder.

The dog and owner were both uninjured, rescuers said.

Animal control officers in New Jersey responded in April when a dog wandered out through a window at its owner’s Montclair home and became stranded on the roof. A Montclair Township animal control officer climbed out of the window while another officer held onto his legs and was able to bring the dog, Tobie, back inside.