Mystery ram gets temporary home with fire department’s goats


A Washington state fire department rounded up a loose ram and the animal is being kept at the station until the owner can be found.

Graham Fire & Rescue said the ram turned up this week in a firefighter’s back yard and the department decided to give it a temporary home with its two goats.

“Animal control said they could come get it in a few days, but they said they’d probably end up putting it down,” Graham Fire & Rescue Capt. Andrew Kolabis told KING-TV. “We’re already set up for animals like that, so it seemed like a pretty natural thing to just grab it and rehome it here and try to find its owner.”

The department said the ram is getting along well with the goats while officials try to find its owner. Kolabis said firefighters haven’t given the animal a name.

“We’ve just been calling it the ‘Graham Ram,'” Kolabis said. “I think out of maybe out of fear of attachment we haven’t given him a name yet.”

Kolabis said the department keeps the two goats in a fenced-in area surrounding the station because the animals keep the grass and trees under control.

“It seems to fit in well. It really likes our goats,” Kolabis said of the ram.